कैसीनो रूले हैक

{RANDOMSENT-15-25} मैराथन में सट्टेबाज को कैसे जीता जाए. मैराथनबेट साइट मिरर आज संपर्क में नया काम कर. पंजीकरण के बिना मुफ्त में खेलने के लिए स्लॉट. वेबमनी के साथ सट्टेबाज.

रूले (Roulette) कैसे खेलें – DesiCasino

कैसे खेल सट्टेबाजी कैसीनो रूले हैक वृद्धि करने के लिए. कैसीनो वर्चस्व जापान का नेतृत्व किया. ऑनलाइन पंजीकरण और एसएमएस के बिना खेलने के लिए. कैसीनो डे मोंटे कार्लो टिकट. सट्टेबाजों में कैशियर क्या करते हैं. स्लॉट मशीन कैसीनो रूले हैक गुल्लक ऑनलाइन खेलते हैं. न्यूनतम जमा बोनस के साथ कैसीनो. कैसीनो रूले हैक

150 thoughts on “कैसीनो रूले हैक

  1. I made good systems similar when I was 10 years old playing on simulators but best is wild freestyle. Only problem is to take profits when you see them … I could sit for hrs on100$ buy in be up 10,000 but before you know it back to 00

  2. With the Roman if you can bank roll a $100 bucks a unit. Walk away after 5 wins and maybe try again a night while your friends go play black jack. Seems like a decent system. Id love to win 1 unit a time at 87%

  3. 3,6,7,and 10 didnt come up too much but their wins were consistent. Im definitely going to try this method on my next trip. It cant hurt unless the dealer notices my pattern. WTG Guys !

    1. @Neil Persen I go to Maryland Live Casino in Hanover Md and it may as well be run by the C.I.A. It got to the point where I just stopped playing Roulette altogether because Ive been playing this game for over seven years and for every one time Ive done well there are 10 times where I have done horribly. The dealers they hire seriously watch player patterns and if they even think you have a system they focus on you and make sure you lose. This is why these videos are helpful.

  4. Buy in for more, T. Just keep bumping it up when you start to win. This is the best game in the house. Thats why theres so many other table games, cuz they all suck, cept when you win 😊

  5. How about romanovsky but with 4 unit 2nd&3rd dozen and all for corners in the first dozen? If 5 or 8 hits you get 16 units and you break even on everything but 0-00? Plus it bumps your average to $275 or 11 units

    1. @david lampley I used $100 units, so $300 on second and third dozen and $100 on the inside squares. Be careful with that though, I got very lucky.

    2. @Michael Lee Romanovsky with the 1,4,9,12 as my losing numbers, and the 0s of course. I went only after a losing number.

  6. Everyone is a gangster until the ball land on Zero and you lose the lot, which happens more than you think. In this case you have 2 zeros 1,4,9,12. I guantee using this system in the long run you will lose.

  7. Yes ????? and when come 0, after 00…after 1…….and then What ??? Happens a lot……8 chips to win 1……….What ta Fuck..

  8. I don’t like the Romanovsky, if you lose u have to win 8 time consecutively to cover the loss

  9. Romanovski is such a weak profit though, high chance sure but the profit is so low

    1. @milena lmao, I tried it myself. The profit is only 1/8 of your total bet. Calm tf down lady🤣

    2. Have you learned math at school? Where did you see the profit? from what they show you in the video? Sigh. Does the math part of your brains not working?

  10. How much is he betting on 2nd 12 and 3rd 12? How much money does that equavlate too?

    1. In n out burger system is the one I use only bought in with 100 but got 20 bucks profit and ran in like 5 min

    2. You get 2 chips for every 1 you put in so 3 in total. I have used one I saw from them like romanovsky but no corners just 2 dozens and it’s done me good

  11. I know you guys must have a casino or something lol, 😂, but this systems is just stupid, imagine if u want to make a fast 1000 dollars… In this systems you have to risk 8000 dollars, with a chance to win of roughly 84% …16% of the times you lose 8 buy ins..in this case you are risking 8:1..8 in the table, to win 1 .. Win/lose expectation in the long run is basically 5 times more frequent (84/16) than the loss, BUT, WHEN YOU LOSE, you lose 8 times more money compared to the ROI, return of investment (1000 in this case) , in the bet (8000 units originally)… Sooooo, this strategy is EV- in the long run, dont do it… Actually, any strat against a cassino is loser I long term, but if you want to make a quick thousand just go for the colors and thats it… You risk one to one, with reasonable odds…. (you dont need to risk 8 to 1)…

    Winning, you have a profit of 1:8 units, or 12,5% of return. Your win rate is 84%.
    Winning is roughly 5 times more frequent than losing.

    Each time you loss, (16%) of times you lose 8 times your stake.

    If you win 1 five times more frequent than you lose, but when you lose, you lose much more units, 8, its certain loss in the long run.

    Of course there is variance applied, but the perfect condition would be…

    Win 5 times in a row, go from having 8000 to 13000 then loss only one time and go from having 13000 to having only 5000….

    And you lost 3k….and of course there is the chance you lose right in the first spin…)

    Actually, it is much better to just go for the colors and thats it… Fair chances, and luck, uncertainty of winning for the player and house.. If you teach people to use a strat like that is just a certain that the house will win in the long run according to risk ratio

    1. @Dennis D Menace is this a party? 🤔🙄 And by the way, did you waste the time reading the comment, and then making a comment that does not even make sense? Common man, I feel sorry for you, should be very annoying being around a judgy and negative person like you… If you dont appreciate a comment move along, be a better person and not negative like that 👌

    1. I mean, if youre playing with $50 then yeah. If youre using $5 units and you hit 4 of those unlucky numbers then youre out. You should have at least few hundred to play with so you can ride the variance.

  12. Im definitely trying this next time but I know Ill be tempted to keep doubling up for a few spins

  13. hi everyone if you are interested in an excellent professional software to play roulette online you can come to ours if you register you will also receive a gift by sending us an email indicating which is your name thank you all

    1. Melissa Moran. >-> After watching this roulette system, I tried it out at my local casino for the first time. I cashed in for $3,000 at the roulette table and played for $200 a spin and played the same way as in this video. I then cashed out for $208 after playing for two hours and I only lost three times. I tipped the roulette dealer $28 and then drove home

    2. @david lampley let´s say $1 in each corner and $3 per group of numbers.. total $8 per round

  14. I tried the Romanovski bet at a digital roulette machine and after about 4 or 5 hits the machine wouldnt let me bet that same pattern again. Is this allowed? Is that even a thing or am I confused? I even showed several of the slot machine attendants and they called it in… but still no answer from the casino.

    1. Yes that happens when the electronic roulettes detect a high probability of winning or in other words when you play a pattern or system in which you minimize your losses. It tends to happen more on the newer models. Of course given that the casino wants to minimize their loss and so better technology is made to detect such systems. I found it strange as well when the machine wouldnt allow me to place the chip bet on a particular spot after making a few first bets in others. So I quickly hit the All Clear button to erase my bet. So its better to bet on live roulette in this case as apposed to an electronic. And try not to play alone on the table or electronic, just makes you an easier target for the casino to take your money. Better off if there are a few more players.

  15. System is trash imo. Odds of hitting 8 in a row is crazy. Two losses and youre not coming back up withouta big chase. Just play 0, 1, 4, 9, 12. Hit twice and leave.

  16. This seem really good way for a quick 25 I do 3 times then 1 crazy 😜 bet hope u hit or won like 8-12 I put big on the 1 u need not to hit this way 😅😅😅

  17. Decided to try this out on an online casino. Made $150 in like 20 minutes by clicking a few buttons. Seems to work with the online rng. Ill try it out at a casino next time.

  18. I recommend doing the romanovsky with $500 chips (a $4,000 bet) and if you win the first time, just go enjoy some leisure activities. If you enjoy the act of gambling then use the minimum amount and just hang out for awhile. But I get sick of people quickly especially when they’re drinking all around and yammering about God knows what.

    1. Like everyone says, if youre winning, play till you win and leave it at the first loss. Know when to leave or else you always lose in the long run. Ill say it again ALWAYS

  19. Every system has an average loss of 5.26% of your wager on every spin. Betting $250 per spin means losing $13.16 per spin on average. With Romanovsky, of the 38 spaces the marble can land, 24 win $50, 8 lose 25 and 6 lose $250:

    ($50 x 24 – $25 x 8 – $250 x 6) = -$500 so youre down $500 after 38 spins, thus -$500/38 = -$13.16 per spin.

    If you play this, or any other system, and make a profit, then youre good as long as you NEVER PLAY AGAIN… EVER. Mathematics doesnt care if you play 38 spins in one day or spread them out over 5 years. If you keep playing, you will lose 5.26% of ALL WAGERS in the long run.

    On the other hand, you could memorize a blackjack chart and only lose 0.5% of your wager amount. The house always wins (unless you count cards), but youll lose your money 10 times faster playing Roulette — ANY Roulette system. Roulette is fun, though. Just put your money where you want, enjoy the game, and never expect to be AND STAY ahead.

  20. Do you guys have any probability knowledge, this way you play, if you play long enough, you will definitely lose. You are pushing you luck for first a few runs

  21. So 87.5 % to 12.5 you need to win 8 in a row but every 7.5 you loose, 100 games: you win 87.5 games with one chip and if you loose 12.5 with 8 chips you are minus blbla, just do the math.

  22. Sure you have a bigger chance to win, but even greater loss when you will dont hit…this 2 spins max strat, hit and run

  23. Wow I used this system. Bought in with 200 bucks. 10 came up. 0. 10 again. And then 3. Smh. Lost it all

    1. Roulette would be a zero-sum game if there were no 0 and 00 on the tables. Btw: the lottery also is no zero-sum game, they only play out around 45% of the amount bet.

  24. Ive always thought paroli was bet on black or red. If you loose you keep doubling up on your bet until it comes in. That way youve made your money back plus profit then revert back to original bet and do the same

  25. ive used a double paroli when i play, normally black and odd. it is a grind and i press until i hit a push for my bets then take it back to my start. i do have an extra part of my system but it is a long set up and the dealers hate me when i start laying it out

  26. It is easy to do this when you have your own fun roulette. Try to do this in casino where every roulette is fixed to hell.

  27. Id play this roulette system with $15 on the second 12, $15 on the third twelve, $5 on the 1,2,5,4, and $5 on the 8,9,11,12. If I lost on two spins Id then bet $50 on the second 12 ,$50 on the third twelve, and $25 on the 1,2,5,4 and $25 on the 8,9,11,12 until I broke even again. Id only do this if I lost on two spins in a row.

  28. There is no system that can beat the roulette table… only to minimize your lost or allow you to play longer. Roulette is unbeatable … risking 200$ to win 25$ makes no sense. You have to be 9-1 to break even. 10-1 to win 1 unit lol

  29. Im playing online, yet theres lightning bonuses. I cant really bet this much. How would i do this system because i used ot once got to 500 quick then lost it all tho. If i want to bet my numbers and say 2nd12 and 3rd 12 plus your layout or

  30. I can’t understand how u can double your money that quick if you are only winning a single unit at a time…

  31. I like how simple the system is, the question I have is is it frowned upon by the casino?. Because Id be kinda worried a tracker would come up to me and say Im flattening your bets, you can either bet flatt across the board or you can leave

    1. Thanks for watching us Bob 🙂 and as for your question- casinos cannot ban you for using systems. –Mar

  32. when you hit one of the 4 corners… doesnt that pay 8 to 1… so 200? and your putting 200 into play so thats break even..

    1. That is exactly what I was thinking. Someone should explain, otherwise this whole vid is a scam

    2. @Rob 1 It would say 225 man, not 200, maybe youre playing on a roulette with slightly different odds, some of them do that

    3. @Valio Lashov im not sure where you play but any online casinos i play on its not like that… if i bet 10 bucks on red… and red hits it shows i won 20 but 10 was the 10 i put in… so actually on plus 10… i would think same for 4 corners, i bet 25… my balance goes down by 25…. then if i win it says plus 200…not plus 225.

    4. yeah thats right 8 to 1, so 200, but your stake returns too, so that makes it 225, so youre 25 up 🙂

  33. I play a system similar to the Romanovsky. Before I enter the table, I look at the last several spins. Then Ill enter with equal bets on the 2 thirds that didnt hit last. Then as the play progresses, I will always place my bets on the 2 thirds that didnt hit. Lets say the last number to hit was in the 1st 12. Id then bet on the 2nd and 3rd 12. Lets say the 2nd 12 hit, I win. Then Ill place my bet on the 1st and 3rd 12. Ive always had pretty good luck on this, unless a 0 or 00 hit, but sometimes, Ill place a small bet on the 0/00 split, just to hedge my bet. I will definitely try the full Romanovsky next time.

    1. @Michael Mcteigue nothing probably, but in my mind, the likelihood of it hitting in the same 12 as it just did is less than it hitting in one of the other ones. Its worked pretty well for me. I usually play with $50 chips and grow my stack pretty quickly.

    2. But what does the last spins have to do with the next spins? There’s nothing to say it’s more or less likely

  34. This doesnt work in the long run, even on a single 0 wheel youd lose 71pound in 10 spins if youre betting 25 every green chip

    1. @Samuel Dearest Because casinos prefer the table that gives them more money. Why even ask questions like this when you know the answer?

    2. And why dont Americans just use European tables when theyre playing as the odds are better for things like this

  35. Looks like to me when youre hitting on the second and third 12 youre breaking even youre only going up when you hit on a number

  36. All you uys that think you are showing people how to win on roulette are complete idiots. You do not understand maths at all. & there is no system for winning on roulette without cheating in some way. Its stacked that the % odds are in the house favour. Now if you understood basic maths you would understand that. I suggest you stop trying to get people to lose their money & do something useful. You could try reading beat the dealer, thats how to win at blackjack & you may learn something from that guy. I doubt it but you just may.

  37. Have you guys done a video work up on betting the wheel divided into thirds betting 12 numbers in sequence by the wheel only?

  38. I win most of the time I play roulette. When I lose its usually something that like hardly ever happens. I always have the best odds in the house though

    1. I lost money in an online casino after accepting a bonus which had a minimum wagering and I was winning but it was too much the requirement and I lost everything.. if playing online, don´t use the bonuses, they are a trap…

  39. dont fool yourself; cant win 8 number to win net 3 chip; 5 number to loss all 6 chips; 24 win over 30 loss

  40. i basically play the paroli system, except to make sure you make money, you have to double any losing spin (10,20,40,80…..) instead of pushing your winnings, once you hit again you make all your losses back. personally i bing enough for 10 losses in a row, and have only ever seen 8 in a row.

    1. Ive seen 14 in a row… 9 several times. I once kept track on even money bets, starting with $5 after 3 repeats. Doubling on losses. Lasted 6 hours! Highest repeat was 9 times.

    2. Dennis D Menace nope. I didn’t say it’s a NO lose. Just very unlikely. But still can happen. I said personally I said I’ve never seen it go to 10, but never said it couldn’t happen. I’ve lost when figuring the system out but have not lost since coming up with the 10 spin figure. But, that being said, I have not lost……yet…….as it is possible.

  41. Ive played a lot of roulette and baccarat, and I do like hedging my bets. With this Romanovsky, if you take out one of the corner bets… for 4 less numbers to win on, you win twice as much as you were winning each successful hit. When I hedge, I like to get the better odds. If youre trying to play an hour or something and double up and go… Id try hedging a little less. Even just playing two 12 number sections is pretty good. Long term, of course, roulette will clean you out. Baccarat, in my opinion, is still the best long term play. Several times I have played 6-10 hours straight and 5-10x my money depending on my aggression. Following any noticeable streak is often the best strategy in any game. NEVER fight the streak

  42. You are idiots. Have you learned math at school? You do not have to play to see if it works or not. You have to do simple math. You have 4 uncovered numbers that if they got hit then you lose. Plus two zeros that makes it six chances to lose everything. Calculate when you win how much you win. If you lose how much you lose. But have in mind that even when you win you do not win all it pays but substract the what the dealer took off the table. I think when you win you only win one. When you lose you lose everything you put on the table. I do not think there is anything that wins in the casino or casions would not exist. I take my words back. Youre not total idiots. You actually said if you do not want to lose do not play rulet. Congratulations. You got it right. You can make a simple calculation on paper. Assuming that you have a equal chance to get every number. In a long run you will hit every number close to equal times. so we are making the calculations with the percentage in mind.

  43. You do know casinos use RFID lasers combination with a A.I computer to draw u in then take all it money. Now if they didnt have those then your system or all systems would work

    1. bobrocks79 they clearly have lasers on the wheel . Just left Boulder Station , up 350 , $180 buy in

  44. Ridiculous 🙄. Everyone will lose everything with this system. Youre either stupid or a scammer

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