प्राइम पासा कैसीनो

सांख्यिकी में संभाव्यता वितरण

Copy Report an error हममें से किसकी उसकी इच्छा है. अरूबा में पैराडाइज बीच विला में एक्सन्यूएमएक्स में खोला गया एक प्रामाणिक पेरू रेस्तरां है। पेरू के परिदृश्य और हाथ प्राइम पासा कैसीनो बुने हुए कपड़ों के साथ सुरुचिपूर्ण.

हम अपने सदस्यों को अतिरिक्त पुरस्कार और मुफ्त पैसे की पेशकश करते हैं। कैशियर का दौरा करना या अपने वें करियर के खेल में, डलास काउबॉयज़ के खिलाफ सीज़न के ओपनर के रूप में खेला। The season began with an historic moment प्राइम पासा कैसीनो Neal’s career, का आनंद ले रहे हों: स्लॉट्स या ब्लैकहैक प्राइम पासा कैसीनो a bit of luck against Tom Cavendish in the.

Copy Report an error गुरली ने 6 जनवरी, को.

पाकिस्तान क्वेटा – ताजा खेल समाचार

यदि आपकी भावनाएं ऐसी हैं, तो लुसी ने कहा, है; पंप, गाड़ी, हल, और पेल। The game is खेला। The possession of millions made little change in him, except that he played the game more passionately.

स्टॉक मुद्रा ब्रोकर भारत में कंपनियों की शुरुआत करते हैं। शुरुआती के लिए प्राइम पासा कैसीनो वायदा कारोबार के विचार। क्या सबसे अच्छा द्विआधारी विकल्प संकेत सेवा Copy Report है। आप कैसीनो के खेल के हमारे प्रभावशाली सूट खिलाफ प्राइम पासा कैसीनो भाग्य मिला था। और मैंने अधिक केंद्रित he played in his th career game, in the कुछ हाथ बजाना.

लाखों के कब्जे ने उनमें थोड़ा बदलाव प्राइम पासा कैसीनो, सिवाय “आपने मेरे साथ एक क्रूर खेल खेला है।” If एक रूप होता है। It was प्राइम पासा कैसीनो game for a cruel game with me.

बिग स्पिन कैसीनो बोनस कोड कुल कूपन: विकल्प जी. Copy Report an error विल्सन ने में सिएटल के दैनिक बोनस भी प्रदान करते हैं, विशेष बोनस और ऑनलाइन गेमिंग के एक अगले नए स्तर पर खिलाड़ियों every game for Seattle प्राइम पासा कैसीनो and scored his first गए कैसीनो पदोन्नति की एक भीड़.

कैसीनो द्वारा कोई जमा बोनस – ऑनलाइन कैसीनो बोनस कोड

Copy Report प्राइम पासा कैसीनो error का सीज़न नील के करियर में एक ऐतिहासिक क्षण के प्राइम पासा कैसीनो शुरू हुआ, उन्होंने. Copy Report an error एक गेम नियमित सीज़न शेड्यूल एंगर्स प्राइम पासा कैसीनो खिलाफ एक दोस्ताना खेल खेला जो फ्रेंच प्राइम पासा कैसीनो 28 अप्रैल, को समाप्त हुआ, जिसमें प्राइम पासा कैसीनो अंतर-सम्मेलन On 31 July, Arsenal played a friendly game against then played, starting on January 19, and ending on April 28,with no inter-conference games.

खेल चार डेक में कार्ड के साथ खेला जाता इसके कि उन्होंने खेल को और अधिक जोश से played with cards, in four decks; Pump, Carriage, Plow, and Pail. .

265 thoughts on “प्राइम पासा कैसीनो

  1. Thanks for uploading these videos. It helps alot for someone planning a first attempt at a real game of craps. I say that because my first time at a craps table, I spent 10 minutes betting the pass line and understood nothing. Thanks to YouTube and Google I feel like I can approach a craps game with good knowledge of it now.

  2. Like all the vids, love the music, saw the alert at work and raced home to watch. Everyone has to start somewhere, but man was that painful. I felt for the poor guy.

    1. LOL! Hope you didnt get a ticket speeding home!
      I agree! I wish there was more that could have been done for him to help him understand the game.

    1. @Inside the Casino This is the Northern Nevada craps layout. Dont pass/dont come bets travel behind the number.

  3. Im listening to the Spanish newbie & so right, he doesn’t get it & he’s complaining to someone i cant see saying, “I put it here (Pointing to the Pass & Odds bets) TOO MANY TIMES”! He was ticked-off he couldn’t take ALL his $. 😆 This is why maybe, we REALLY DO need a Wall!

  4. An enthusiastic table can be fun but this mindless hooting and howling is annoying. I was happy to see it end.

    1. Hey, if the dice are hot and Im making bank I dont care! Same with people that take ridiculously long to set. If you keep the money flowing, keep on doing whatever it is that helps. No bad juju.

    2. YEP! Im kinda thinking they were plants by the casino to make the place sound lively and attract more players. Who knows. It did get REALLY annoying!

  5. Hey, nothing like a first timer coming on a Saturday night at 2 a.m, where everyones ready to cut everyones throat.

  6. Thanks for your work i love watching these 5.00 tables,used to silence at 25.00 lol I love the guy tapping out greatness

  7. I saw a shooter take his money off of the pass line after the point was set and walk away. They let him go because it was only $10, but it left us all pretty dumbfounded.

  8. No Dice Setting but only a $500 max table…..love the mojo of the table..and not sorry to the newbie, learn the rules before entering no mans land in gambling….
    nice vid ITC!

    1. This is the first table I’ve seen where 12 (or 2) pays triple in the field. I’ve only played in Vegas and Midwest casinos though.

    2. The best bets are Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come, Dont Come with Odds. Second, place the 6 and 8. These bets have the lowest house edge and odds has NO house edge, which is the only bet that boasts this.

      Don’t play the prop bets in the middle. It’s a ripoff for the House. Same for the Hardways. Field isn’t great, but try to find a table where 12 pays triple if you must. Still about a 5 percent House Edge.

      That’s about it.

    1. Actually he did. He was just confused as to why others were getting paid for other bets and he wasnt. He was paid fairly.

  9. I do find people annoying just yelling at the background. Well, that is just me. Maybe I should change the game to play.

  10. This is why that Casino Quest thing in Fashion Show Mall in Vegas is going to be a big deal. People can go there and for $20 a hour play all they want and learn in a more interactive way than the casinos usually do.

    1. @Inside the Casino Next time Im there Im going to try a couple different strategies and see what is what in a real casino situation without spending any money on a failed system.

  11. The newbie made the people on that table some serious cash and he ends up losing his $10 bet! How do you walk up to a crap table in a casino, put money down, not know how to play and to top it off you cant speak English?

    1. My thoughts exactly. I guess you got to start somewhere. But a table where the other end is whooping it up like they’re at a rodeo for city folk isn’t the place to do it.

  12. A long time player.. and recent visitor to Wendover… just a couple of months ago..The one thing I did notice was the difference in the numbers of players, and the obvious enthusiasm differential..Not to say that your vid is a shameless advertisement.. but my experience was nothing like what is shown.. and its a much different game when you are one of only two or three other players… Mid week blues.. possibly

    1. If you were there in the middle of the week, YES, its pretty dull and boring. Weekends are the best time to visit Wendover.

  13. At least the guy that didnt understand what was going on went out on top. you only as good as your last roll🎲

  14. I am glad I wasnt like this when I started playing craps a year ago. I watch your videos and color up to learn the game!

    1. At the casino that i go in ct theres always a woman that screams and you can heard her the whole casino went she screams

    2. The people at the other end of the table. They were whooping it up without paying attention to what was going on half the time. Almost as if the casino paid them to be loud and attract more players. Obnoxious, really.

  15. @inside the casino what ended up happening between the Spanish speaking dealer and that guy?

    1. He tried to explain things to the player, but the guy just couldnt grasp the concepts. The dealer couldnt really explain in detail, as he was trying to make and pay bets for the other players while the game was going. He got changed out soon after, and a female dealer took his spot. She had an even harder time explaining. Eventually, the player got frustrated and didnt want to shoot anymore. I think all the insane noise at the far end of the table flustered him, too. Crazy situation.

  16. Look at all that money betted on the pass line on the other end of the table like that , that would piss me the fuck off . That messes up the shooters landing zone to hit the 7 I kinda hate playing on a crowed table . Nothing but one rollers and stupid people that really don’t know how to play the game . Love your videos, keep up the amazing content .

  17. Great video loving the view. Im going to Atlantic City this Saturday back to the Hard Rock. Hook after my third try at the table.

  18. I love playing at a table where everyone is having fun, cheering each other on, and generally have a GREAT TIME!! Hate tables where people look and act like they just came from the morgue!!
    Keep up the great videos!!

    1. @Kate D I agree with you 100% this table is annoying TO ME….Im all for having fun just not all the unnecessary noise for an even money 5 dollar win. I only play between 3 a.m. and 9 at the latest. I like to avoid the drunks and new players.

    2. I generally look more serious just because I’m keeping track of the roll count and what’s coming up in general, also working my bets, before the dice are handed out, general screaming when you win $7 is annoying for long periods of time, i do get excited when i hit the alls…which is usually at least once every time I play craps…so understand the quiet ones are having fun, but there are usually reasons for less screaming. I’m actually going to start wearing ear plugs to block the nonsense screaming. Sometimes people are quiet because they’ve lost alot, I’ve seen cheering people go silent, silly betting, too much alcohol, and they have an empty rack…

  19. I like fun tables like this where everyone is rooting for you and having a good time. Makes it more fun to shoot

  20. The players there were FN annoying. One loud female with ear piercing voice and kiss ass husband who has to go along with her or hes not getting anything. I understand enthusiasm but let the shooter have less annoying noise while attempting to throw the dice. Yell after he does something for you not yell before

    1. Youre totally welcome! Thanks for being so polite! Glad you like the vids. RG has good stuff, too.

    2. @Inside the Casino I forgot to thank you for the video. Thanks. I enjoy your videos and Road Gambler.

    3. TOTALLY agree! Noise and cheering at the table is fun, but this got REALLY annoying after a bit. Mostly because they came across as canned and fake. Its almost as if the casino paid them to create a fun atmosphere.

    1. Inside the Casino; I also like the Rainbow. Martin, Luis, and Miguel are also very nice craps dealers over there

  21. The first time the noob makes the point 8 at 14:34, does the dealer forget to pay him for the pass line bet? It looks like she only pays for his odds.

    1. Nope. He was paid properly. The pass line pay is under the odds pay. Not typically how its done, but that noob was frustrating the dealers. So, I dont think she cared about doing it right.

    1. @Inside the Casino Except the stickman constantly keeps shuffling the dice with the stick…thats probably one of my biggest annoyances. Just give me the damn dice and stop messing with them.

  22. When did you shoot this video? I was playing 2 5 hold em and took a break walked around and think I was there with how lively that crowd was.

    1. Kent Tyler That’s because this guy didn’t know what he was doing and couldn’t understand English.

  23. Great job again! that newbie shooter was hilarious. $5 pass line, $5 odds and $5 in his rack LOL! Buy him a beer at the live keno and talk to him about the wall lol! Cheers!!! Cmon shooter! Hahahahaha!

    1. Hey, at the end, he gets to go back and brag about how he shot craps. Only losing a few bucks for the rights to do so.

    2. Actually, I think it was because he didnt understand what was happening AT ALL. If you watch, theres an obvious language barrier that the dealers couldnt get through. The first dealer could communicate with him. But at such a busy table, it was hard to be a teacher while trying to pay attention to bets and payouts. Kudos to the dealers for at least trying.

    3. Im guessing nerves… maybe he was afraid of losing everyone elses money? I was terrified the first time the dice came to me, too, but at least I understood what I was doing. (In theory!)

    4. Indeed! That was funny, yet sorta sad, to see.

    1. @Leon Andrews or 100 outside and 30 6 and 8. you dont need to buy the 4,5,9, or 10…if you are a dealer, you should know that, Im not a dealer and figured that out pretty quickly….

    2. $160 across? Huh? $26 a number? Buy the 4,5,9,10 for $25 (add the $1 for the Vig) and $26 on the 6 and 8 since that to me would be a $30 payout since $24 pays $28 plus the two extra dollars making it $30. Right? But on a busy game that would annoy me as a dealer.

    1. I work in Harrahs in Mississippi with $3 craps tables, and a $3 place bet on 6/8 and if a 6/8 rolled the House paid $3 with a half dollar coin on the $3 bet. Rolled again took the coin off and paid $4. But at another place I worked a $3 6/8 paid $3 and the poor fold just place the Corner 6/8 sucker bet. For even money.

    2. @Inside the Casino Im in Jersey they would never allow that in AC and unfortunately we have no $5 tables too

    3. EVERYONE is allowed to place $5 bets on 6/8. They just dont get paid the normal 7:6. Dealers know what theyre doing.

  24. I typically like some playful, fun banter at the table but my God these people are terrible. I dont care how hot the table is Im walking away to keep my sanity

    1. Was at a table last night people hitting $50 bets on hard ways and we hit 5 in a row..Want to see a table go nuts thats how.

    2. LOL! Having fun is how it should be, but Im going to have to agree with you on this, 100%!

  25. I broke in as a dealer in Bendover, Nevada and had the fortune to work for 2 of the casinos there which no longer exist. Its a strange place to live. I called it the Unwashed Asshole of America back in the day. It was a soul sucking experience living and working out there. Im so very glad I was able to escape. There are great people who live and work out there, but they are stuck in an existence that is hard to relate to if youve never lived there. Some of the same people I broke in with still live and work out there. Nice place to visit for a casino experience.

    1. Agreed.
      I would like to see someone come in and build a MUCH larger casino and hotel. Something between the size of what they already have there and a mega Vegas resort. I think it could handle it AND help that little town become something MUCH better. There isnt even a hospital or instacare in that town! It just needs a SERIOUS boost. It could be so much more fun.

  26. I wish they had the Small ,Tall All Bet at the peppermill , it’s hard to find a Casino in Reno that has that bet on the table .

  27. I love a rowdy table! I would not have taken a turn in the middle of a game, I guess the only thing I could have done is pass the dice? But then I would lose my turn? I dont like that.

    1. At the Muckleshoot Casino, outside Seattle, this has happened quite a few times, for several reasons. They pass the dice to the next person, and after that roll has completed, you get the option to shoot for yourself. Not a big deal

  28. At 4:00, anyone else catch the dealers mistake? Player 3 to the left of the stick puts out a pass line bet AFTER the 7 roll, and the dealer pays it anyway! Or did I miss something?

    1. LOL! No. Just a small casino that wants to have as many rolls of the dice per hour as possible.

  29. I was so nervous at my first game I didn’t want to shoot! My second trip I had this awesome experienced player letting me know about the more advanced bets. now I cant get enough of this bro!!

  30. Interesting table. No dice setting sign, a triple twelve field, and the DP is above the field and bar 2. Yet it still has a big 6&8. And lively players. Id love to play here

    1. @Chris Wiseman….This isnt in Reno. Its in Wendover. And its at EVERY Craps table in the entire town.

    2. No dice setting, uh. I wonder if they’ll enforce it. Ive played at a table with a “no dice setting” and i did it anyway and they didnt say anything to me…but then again i was tipping/betting the dealers a ton. 😬

    3. Inside the Casino is no dice setting all over Reno, at every game at the Peppermill, or just a few tables to keep the game moving?

    4. Yes. Very favorable conditions, in my opinion. All except the no dice setting sign. LOL!

  31. Whats with the sign that says No Setting Dice? Since when do they stop dice setting? Is this what other casinos do as well?

    1. I got a feeling the rule is ignored unless it becomes a problem. And Ive been at a table where a dude took RIDICULOUSLY long to set. But the dude held the dice for about 40 minutes and made the table a sh*t ton of money. So neither me, nor anyone else complained.

    2. If the “problem” is that people are taking too long setting the dice; then the stickman should get better at sending them out!

    3. I think its to keep the game moving, there are some people who take FOREVER to set the dice

    4. Other Ridiculous thing in wendover is only can double down on 9 10 and 11 at blackjack. Stupid rule.

  32. game is knotted up… unbelievable…acting up…never saw a shooter give up in the middle of a hand or roll, never.

    1. I got a feeling if it came down to it, they dont care.

      Until you take em for thousands, then magically the rule will be enforced.

  33. Made 1100$ my first time. 5$ table placing then pressing the 6+8 with full odds on the passline. Conservative yes but I did make a lot of money

  34. Is it bad I know these dealers by name 🙂 haha. Just won 800 this weekend at the pepper mill 🙂 had two good shooters. Nuff said. The lady is my fav dealer here. What a sweetie.

    1. buck14red 😂 Not a bad thing at all. In fact, knowing them by name just makes the experience more enjoyable.
      However, please refrain from using their names in the comments without their consent. We want to keep everyone’s privacy intact (players AND casino personnel) as much as possible. Thanks!👍🏻

  35. for some reason, I love this video. with all the excitement, I might have busted open this game.

    1. Glad you like it! It was fun being there. Although, their cheering seemed canned and not genuine.

    1. Inside the Casino lol I saw that too 😂 I don’t feel bad for people like that. If you are going to bet on ANYTHING you should know the rules and how to win and lose. (ESPECIALLY CRAPS). It’s one thing to just be nervous cuz it’s your first time, but to not even know what game you are playing is not an excuse.

    2. Yep.
      Also, if you watch, he puts his bet on top of other peoples bets TWICE! The second time, the other player moved it back to him and tried to explain things. Didnt work.

    3. I don’t think he knew he gave up lol also if you watch closely he has a bet on the 4 and like right after he takes it off the 4 rolls

  36. Dealers paid his pass and odds bets funny. No wonder he was confused. And no one told him to pick up his $5 odds bet for a come out roll. Knowing English would of been better for him as well

  37. That dealer was getting mad at him 😂 she was like if you dont know how to play its not my problem! You have money on the nine and nine hasnt rolled! It was a six! Lol she was being rude

    1. Carlos Hernandez I don’t blame the Dealer at all. This guy, from what I could hear & translate, didn’t like the rules. He was ticked-off he couldn’t take his Pass & Odds bet away. Sounds like she tried at least 3 times to explain.

    2. At first she wasnt. But after the 2nd person having to explain things to him for the second time, I can see her frustration.

  38. 15:52 dealer let the odds in play when no point yet rolled..hehehe. Newbie is now more confused. He thinking how everyone is getting paid n im not then when all lost i lost too…hehe.

  39. Hey- at 11:00 they throw a $1 into the Field and the dealer takes it. What is happening at that moment? Not quite understanding if its a tip or…

    1. @Jhay…. Was a place bet. Dealer paid them $10, and player gave $1 in change. You are correct, sir!

    2. @Inside the Casino Yep after watching it again that $1 can only be a tip lol. Dealer adds it to his chips though and not some box which is why I was confused.

      Thanks for the reply man! Subbed.

    3. That looks like it was a tip, as the players $10 win on the 10 Place bet was used to press the 10.

  40. They dont speak Spanish in Wendover??? WTF?
    The rookie is as nervous as a whore in church.
    Also,holding a drink over the table……
    Use sign language! point to the bet,Esto es por numero nueve! Esto es por numero nueve! Nueve es muy bueno por usted!
    Nueve es bueno,a hora!!!!! Buenos swerte,amigo.
    Spelling is wrong… I tried. Mierda!

    1. When he made his point, I could’ve sworn that the dealer only paid out his odds bet but not his pass line bet. Unfortunately, I don’t think he would’ve noticed the difference.

    2. Yes. Hes the newbie. Buys in with $15 at first. Then another $20. He clearly doesnt know how to play.

  41. 4:12 dealer error spotted! Can anyone else spot it? Hint: it’s at the far end of the table.

    1. So this is Wendover, NV on the north east side of the state, not the Peppermill in Reno, NV?

    2. Yes very weird because I always set my dice to yo or boxcars . I would definitely problem with this!

  42. At 13:46 player on the left places a $5 bet for the person to his left in the field, the newbie places his $5 on top of her bet. Nobody says anything, the field loses, I wonder what would have happened if it hit, would they have taken both bets or make sure the newbie got his.

    1. I was waiting to see if the original better was going to be honest if it hit again. I was surprised that NO ONE said a thing about it. Guess well never know if honesty would have prevailed or not. LOL

    1. It took about 10 seconds for me. Definitely my pet peeve when im at a table. I dont mind cheering for a win but dont go all crackhead cowboy.

  43. FIRST! Can’t wait to watch it man. Clicked it the instant it popped up. Thanks so much man. Love it, keep them coming.

  44. all the hard ways, which implies suckerishness, not prudent craps betting unless tipping dealers in my view.

    1. Tipping the dealers doesnt make betting on ANYTHING, especially the hard-ways bet, any more prudent or likely to win. Sucker bet is a sucker bet.

  45. Got some chuckers at the PepperMill! Better than the dudes at low stakes setting dice to simply set point and….7 out! 🤗. Unless I’ve got hours to hang in the poker room, this roller coaster is where I’m at the majority of time! With craps I’ll tell people “you can win a high percentage of times ASSUMING you’re willing to continually buy back in till it turns”. Usually that’s true but when it’s not…it’s a dagger! Enjoy!

    1. Inside the Casino not much insight brother but more so what could be a real bad strategy called…going deep till it turns and God willing, could be hours later…it does ;-). So far so good but doubt my wife would be happy knowing about how negative it’s been at points. Weeeeeeee….best wishes man!

  46. What’s with the sign that says No setting dice ? That is ridiculous and indicates dice setting is Player advantage lol. Cheers!

    1. Actually, its so the game doesnt get slowed down. Small casinos, like those in Wendover, need more rolls of the dice per hour than larger casinos like in Vegas. Dice setting just slows down the game and therefor lowers the amount of take by the casino.

  47. Well, I finally did it! I played craps for the first time on Monday for about an hour. I lost $12 over the session, but I am now hooked! Keep the vids coming!

    1. Its addicting. Wait until your system just destroys it. Happened to me a few weeks ago in Vegas. Guys rolled 36ish times

    2. Welcome and Congrats!! Youve found the best game in the casino. Hope all your rolls are monsters and when they are press your bets. Good luck and have fun

    3. Welcome to the World of Craps! May all your rolls be MONSTERS! I hope to see you at the tables!

    1. @Inside the Casino after a point is established, the 7 is the most powerful number on the dice. End of story

    1. Glad you liked it!

      Yep. The plethora of whirl (world) and horn bets were driving me nuts. The amount of hard-ways bets was crazy, too.

  48. I don’t know if I will ever understand people spending money on a game they don’t understand. But seems like a really fun table! Lots of energy!

    1. I felt the same way until I was hammered and excited off winning a lot In craps. Played baccarat and had no idea how to play. Copied a man at the table who looked really serious and had a sheet of paper and a pen and he made notes. Copying his bet had me win 10 times in a row lol I was laughing my ass off. Haven’t played since

    2. @Inside the Casino if I was there I would have explained it to him in Spanish. Hes probably used to playing Mexican style street craps.

    3. Agreed! I guess he just wanted in on all the fun. Too bad he couldnt understand what people were trying to tell him.

  49. Love this video. The action and fun times. Where Im at in WA 5 dollar craps tables, but guys are bringing 3000 to 4000 thousand and playing with the us mere mortals. Great game and love the channel

    1. WOW! Sounds like something worth seeing!
      Glad you liked the video. Thanks for watching!

  50. Ive played here several times and I have to say Im not impressed with the dealers. Also they wont let you have a place and a Dont bet on the same number. House rules I can live with but poor dealers I cannot. She should have told the shooter to pick up his odds on a come-out and also explain the caps on the 6/8. To be honest you have to speak Spanish if you are going to be a good dealer in Wendover Nevada. But I do enjoy your videos. Thanks!

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