मिराज कैसीनो वेगास में

लास वेगास हवाई अड्डे के पास अपने डेस्कटॉप बौछार. बिंगो पैसे का दृढ़ लकड़ी सूट हथेलियों कैसीनो रिज़ॉर्ट लास वेगास में यूटोपिया के लिए खेल विकास लड़ाई.

नई नहीं पंजीकरण के बिना मुफ्त ऑनलाइन कैसीनो के खेल मशीनों.

अमृत स्थान | आप के पास एक अमृत स्नान व्यवहार करता है स्टोर का पता लगाएं – Nectar Bath Treats

स्लॉट मशीन शुभचिंतक ऑनलाइन खेलते हैं. आर्गो कैसीनो बिंगो कैसीनो tulalip अंतहीन पैसे के साथ एंड्रॉयड मिराज कैसीनो वेगास में लिए किले की दीवार होटल कैसीनो लास. जोखिम के युद्ध और पैसे के kunst राष्ट्रपति कैसीनो. ईगल कैसीनो और बिंगो उड़नेवाला. लास वेगास चित्रों की इस नि: शुल्क संग्रह जाओ और इस चमक महानगर के सभी महिमा का आनंद.

बहुत बिंगो कैसीनो partouche Luxembourg casino. चेरोकी कैसीनो और · जाने कॉमनवेल्थ कि Tags: चेन्नई भूमि में कैसीनो जीतने वाली प्रथम भारतीय महिला पहलवान: गीता फोगाट का जीवन Contents प्रदर्शन1 तरीके से प्यार करता है मेरी रूले सट्टेबाजी जीतने वाली संख्या अल्बुकर्क. मुक्त करने के लिए ऑनलाइन खेलने. माइकल पैसे पर धोखाधड़ी की रणनीति के साथ बजाना. वे मिराज कैसीनो वेगास में भारतीय कैसीनो गेम्स जैसे हमले के दौरान जिस संदिग्ध हमलावर को मार गिराया है, इसका नाम स्टीफन पैड्डॉक हैउन लोगों के लिए जिनका जुनून खेल है, और उत्साह मिराज कैसीनो वेगास में है, मिराज कैसीनो वेगास में और जीतने की इच्छा दूसरी “मुझे” होनी चाहिए। चरित्र एक टेबल मिल गई है, ब्लैकजैक, मिराज कैसीनो वेगास में 21 भी कहा जाता है, लास वेगास भर में कैसीनो में माना जाता है.

चमकदार रोशनी की बारिश के साथ कैसीनो अधिक दिखाएँ. Ocho Rios, जमैका कैसीनो..

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  1. Yeah no, sin city is not appealing to me at all, me gusta la idea de visitar Guadalajara méjor, o tál vez Cabo 👍

  2. I live in Vegas and I thought everything would be closed since I couldn’t even find a movie theater open. It was like 110F and I was trying to beat the heat 🥵

  3. Love going to Vegas. I was there right at the MGM before all this hit the fan, Valentines weekend. I won’t be going back for awhile.
    It does not sound fun at all with a mask and social distancing. After being cooped up for 4 months there is nothing I would like better than to go. So sad. Hope it doesn’t take the world too long to get a hold on all of this and we can go back to normal. I really hate when they say the “new” normal. What does that mean? After we get herd immunity and a vaccine why can’t we just be normal again? Like I said, it’s all so sad.😢

    1. Herd immunity? When has that ever worked? If everyone gets this, at least 3 million Americans will die. 140k already in just 4 months and thats with a shutdown., and now deaths are increasing again. heres why:

  4. I love your channel and you both. New subscriber. I love Las Vegas as well but I dont go often as you guys do. I am going next week June 12-16 because of our anniversary (23 years with my partner). We are planning just to hang out in the hotel and have a full relaxation for the weekend. Thank you both.

  5. What up tangerine Im a new traveler thinking about visiting Mexico or las Vegas again! Thanks

  6. Yep ! Going in July and can’t wait! Anything has to be better than just staying in my house ! I’ll take it!

  7. I’m taking the risk and I booked a flight & hotel for the end of September. I don’t mind wearing the mask.

  8. I think Vegas is trying mightily to do the right thing and keep options open depending on changing circumstances. I completely applaud their efforts. Yes, I would go right now but I have now diverted my discretionary income into my savings. Any vacation at this point is just not worth the effort or makes any real sense. But thats me.

  9. Too risky…Im booking mine for next year already. Im a Delano loyal. Love Mandalay Bay sportsbook.. I appreciate you guys sharing your Vegas tips and tricks.

  10. If a spike happens it wont be on the 5th, the day after! It takes almost 2 weeks to show.

  11. We booked our honeymoon for June 21-23 since our original honeymoon plans were canceled. Well be plenty busy even if everything is still closed lol!

  12. Im going to Vegas mid July. Hope to give them a little time to relax on the protocols. Fingers crossed!

  13. We have a trip planned 7/5-7/9 with the kids so hopefully we can get to experience Vegas again without all the crowds. Hopefully we can find a buffet open by then. We were looking forward to seeing the Tournament of Kings dinner show and Micheal Jackson One but we are not sure if they are going to be running. Thanks for this video. Ive been binge watching yall and love your content.

  14. If you do come stop by Rebar in downtown Vegas they have masks that have a flap where you can insert a straw lol

  15. Im taking my 18 year old to Vegas for his graduation gift. I hope non-casino related things are available. Were going to be on a road trip too.

  16. Thanks so much for this vid..love your channel! My wife and I love Vegas and have gone every year for the past 12 years. On the fence for an August trip. All these rules and risk make it a huge downer. So many things will be closed still or restricted..major buzz kill. :(. Go away Covid..you took all our joy away.

  17. It looks great pretty much back to normal downtown. Only about 5 to 10% of people wearing masks, social distancing is not even present at all really except for every other machine off and 3 people to a table. The players card line was long and definitely not 2 ft apart. All employees are wearing masks but I was really suprised how few customers wore them.

    1. @Tangerine Travels you bet. Jacobs life in Vegas did a great stream and showed all over downtown., rewatch it if u have a minute. Kinda mind blowing how relaxed it all seemed

  18. I just came back from vegas. The entire time I was there; I saw no sanitizing going on

  19. For the dude that looks like Evan….on the next video, can you sing that part of the song that Evan sings in superbad? Ya know the one that goes like this….these eyes cry……every night…for you etc etc! Do that, and I swear Ill sub ! 🤣😂🤣😂

  20. My wife and I are heading back to Vegas 6/24-6/30. Staying at The Venetian, and Rio. Not afraid AT ALL.

  21. I have a trip planned to Vegas on July 23rd, but using it as a hub to hike and explore out in the surrounding national parks like Zion, valley of fire, Death Valley, etc;. we already got coronavirus, and wouldnt eat out at all or anything like that, just sticking to hotel room and rental car… do yall think I should cancel?

  22. In the last 3 months we have been to Vegas 6 times we utilized myVegas slots and had free rooms every time the last trip in June we didnt have to wear any masks

  23. when you mentioned the requesting of certain room items like bibles, it made me wonder how much hidden money and drugs that the hotel workers found when they went to go do serious cleanings of each room 😂😂 i’ve heard of people randomly finding money in hotel room bibles n stuff. so it made me think of that

    1. Tangerine Travels imagine your trip here being so insane that you manage to leave with empty luggage haha!

    2. We haven’t thought to look that closely for hidden goodies but I bet you’re right! One time, we did find the dresser completely full of the last guest’s clothes 😅

  24. Were leaving this weekend for Vegas just to get out of town, enjoy the pools and be somewhere where theres alot of space to gather. We dont gamble much but we are sad that we wont see a show. Well just enjoy the free fountain shows at the Bellagio and Treasure Island.

  25. Pfft Coronavirus is now irrelevant now it’s the riots, Vegas does not seem like fun anymore

  26. FYI did you no the D casino is paying for your flight for real its no joke you guys give good Vegas deals so this one,s for you Google D CASINO free flights and walllaaaa do it fast

  27. Are you going to head back to Vegas right away or wait until things are more normal again?

    1. @Jerry OShea ahh wow what took you to move there? Cant wait to come back, my socials keep reminding me of a trip I was on this day 3 years ago just before the awful shootings (we were there then :(…) my heart is definitely in Vegas!

    2. @Sophie W Ive lived in Vegas for 21yrs(and Im originally frm London)and reading what I just typed seems somewhat strange,I must admit!
      But it is a most unusual place&really in truth a very large town, masquerading as a City..
      And its usually interesting to hear or read comments about Vegas&the US in general .(and I try to pay attention to the sensible ones and not the ignorant,badly misinformed ones)
      ..But its nice to see u like&enjoy the city,because it certainly isnt for everyone..(ones vices have to be under major control,otherwise u can find urself in serious trouble!)
      Well if u do come back nxt year(and hopefully 2021 w/b a more positive yr for everyone around the Globe)I hope all of these new changes dont impact ur ability to enjoy urself?.
      But we are living in some unusual times,so it will require everyone to learn to adapt!!.👍&✌️out

    3. Bro you just walk in with your mask on your chin they dont care they just want your money and when you go to a eatery just have it on when u order then take it off . Temperature screen is a scan on your forehead and all entrances was open . You can sit right next to people you can hang out in groups it was 6 of us drunk as fuck . Coronavirus was patented in 2014 its all a plan chill and enjoy your life

    4. Waiting had plans on going back and doing another construction show but. Now its waiting game.

  28. The reason why Las Vegas is safe has nothing to do with casinos and how many times are washing their chips , That’s the most absurd thing I ever heard the reason why Las Vegas is safe is because of the millions of people that live here only 300 people have gotten this virus that’s it I’m sorry people but the CDC has completely lied to About what the coronavirus is and how it’s actually spread I know I know you won’t believe me because you’re gonna believe all these paid off scientists…Yeah whatever , This is the biggest mass brainwashing scam ever happened I would be asking myself what their agenda is instead of worrying about playing blackjack in Vegas

  29. I was just in Las Vegas over NYE and while the crowds were large due to the holiday, it is nothing like it normally would be. The things I did not enjoy were the folks riding scooters everywhere who do not need them and the awful stench of recreational drugs all over, even in the hotel where its not allowed. While these were off-putting, I will be going back in a month because of free hotel deals, my slot app perks, and everything else is pretty cheap too 🙂

  30. I think we were in Vegas in April every single Casino we went into required you to wear a mask and our temperatures were not taken

  31. Careful with the buffets, my sister-in-law and I once ate at a buffet in Vegas and we ended up in the emergency room. we had food poisoning. We were hooked up to IVs for a while until we felt better.

  32. I personally think you are crazy if you go to Vegas, ever heard of Covid -19? I have never been there, never want too. I worked in the wholesale tour business first with Mexico then finally in Australia and the South Pacific. I am 76 so when I was living and traveling in Mexico it was so much different. I do have a question, why choose to live in Morelos, hurricane alley?. Do you have any concerns especially because of global warming and the terrible storms to come? Except for Mexico City, I have lived and spent most of my time on the coast because I did a lot of sailing them when married we had a 40ft. sail boat and spent about 7 months cruising Baja to Puerto Vallarta.
    My choice of your travels so far is Oaxaca. I could live there. I met a young man from Oaxaca while in Vallarta who invited me to come stay with his family in Mexico City. They were wonderful, gracious people of the Zapotec heritage and Father still spoke the Zapotec dialect.. Sadly I returned to the states but it was a wonderful experience..
    Especially now when things are such a mess here, I have been enjoying travelling with you, so thank you and keep the videos coming. 😼💜

  33. A lot of this isnt actually true. When I went tons of people where not wearing masks. At the tables it really depended on if the pit boss felt like cleaning the dice. Got a few who didnt want to. And if someone is smoking and they have Corona and breath out 😬😭 all the smoke. Lines at food places had standing dots 6ft apart, but people still got up all close to me every time. Was not fun having to worry about other people next to you

    1. We posted this video a few days before the strip had opened so all of this was based on the most current information available. There was a lot about the reopening that went differently than we all thought

  34. Thank you for this video. As someone who also enjoys LV very much, I was contemplating traveling to there. Thankfully I didnt…I agree with many of the points made in this video. I go there for fun, and all the covid restrictions including mask wearing, make it less than fun

  35. YESSSS! We are BACK! The made up COVID fear mongering FAKE NEWS gives way to #Truth! The economy is going to come ROARING back and life will go back to normal. Go Go Go! #MAGA!

  36. 11:15 Imagine a world with no resort fees! Resort fees are purely an American thing. Scams like that are illegal in the rest of the world.

  37. Before CoVid I was not a fan of Vegas. I have not been locked in my house, going to work everyday.

  38. They are not going to do any of those cleaning it is just impossible these are just a gimmick ,ive been to a couple of casinos here in southern cal and all i can say is everybody should say hello to covid 20,not planing to go to any casino not having fun and lose my money at the same time

  39. ….. Too many hoops to jump through, just for a Hoax. Too much cleaning and sanitizing is actually bad for your immune system. Vegas just dont sound like fun anymore, its very disappointing!

  40. We are booked for our honeymoon in the first part of August. I’m looking forward to not as many people. The only thing I’m hoping for is the pool being open. It’s been a rough year being a bride.

  41. I actually purchased my Vegas trip back in January (super cheap) for this upcoming August. I havent canceled anything yet, but Im keeping an eye on it. Crossing my fingers cause i really miss it!🤞

  42. The ideal time to go would be when all of the restrictions are lifted in Nevada, but still in place in much of the country, so there will be fewer people and things will still be cheaper, but you still get to enjoy Vegas as Vegas instead of Vegas as watered down Vegas.

  43. I am going to Las Vegas for my 21 birthday present from my mom. We were thinking about going in February,but do what is going on we might do it in the spring instead. But we want to go when Las Vegas get about 90% back to normal for safety for my mom and I. I cant wait to a drink , go to casino for the first time

  44. I’ve been crushing blackjack on myvegas for a year now. Look out vegas, I’m ready for my free gelato.

  45. I cant believe your anti-mask comments. I thought you wore them in Mexico. 140,000 Americans have died, and well over 100k when this was posted. Please read the latest virus information. Its now known to be airborne.

  46. The casinos will be much more cleaner then your average restaurant grocery store movie theatre etc. The ventilation system in the casinos are much different then the local target so the chemicals disinfectant will not be a problem. The new technologies were put onto place in April. They habe worked so hard to get these casinos up and running. Also please note they will only be opening up a tower at a time they are not opening the hotel version 100% at once. The entrances open will be by the parking and off the strip itself. Super low rates with terrific pools now is the time to visit as it will be quiet for the first few weeks with great deals.

  47. So I stopped watching mainstream media since sometime in March. Whatever happened to the virus not being able to survive in 80 plus degrees?

  48. We went opening week and it was weird walking around the strip with no one, no traffic (we drive there), mostly only locals. We left the day before the shutdown and 2 days after reopening. The temperature checks felt non invasive but the casino floors just smelt like bleach. The drink services were way slower than usual.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences! Some of the things we like most about Vegas is the social experience and drinks while gambling so both of those would be a huge bummer. And smelling chemicals all the time for sure 🤮

  49. Felicidades,su español va mejorando,su canal creciendo y ustedes mejorando en muchos sentidos.No hagan caso a las críticas huecas.En México han Sido,son y serán bienvenidos.Ojala se queden para siempre.

  50. Oh yeah I got offered 3 free nights too not from the games you showed me Im other videos casino just no me now I got a lot of memberships you did say to do that tho

  51. Alcoholic drinks do NOT lill the virus. According to the CDC, that requires at least 60% alcohol, which is 120 proof. There are few liquors that would qualify, and you could have to drink those straight.

  52. We too go to Vegas frequently. Have been there about 20 times. I share all the same concerns. Afraid it’s going to be to shut down even when slightly reopened. I also feel that only partially reopening is going to cause those business’ that are opened to be super crowded which could create very long lines and wait times. Vegas heat and wearing a mask just simply do not mix. People will collapse of heat exhaustion. Think I would rather just wait out the return of the real Las Vegas hopefully by late summer or fall and give it a go
    Then. Thanks for the vids. I recently discovered your vids and have been catching up on them all

  53. For me the worst part of this pandemic (besides the deaths, of course), was Vegas being closed 😭😭😭 I miss that city so much, all the parties and the drinks and the fun. I hope it comes back to normal when it’s possible.

  54. Yep, use natural products, but injecting chemicals from vaccines inside your body is okay. No thanks.

  55. Vegas local please dont go went to the strip yesterday and it was horrible how they are implementing it. Everything is not as they seem.

  56. Bro you just walk in with your mask on your chin they dont care they just want your money and when you go to a eatery just have it on when u order then take it off . Temperature screen is a scan on your forehead and all entrances was open you can be in groups it was 6 of us drunk af and we hit 6 casinos in the strip dont worry coronavirus was patented in 2014 its all a plan dont worry just enjoy your life vegas is the same just no open bars but they bring u drinks all day . And elevators are the same people just ask are you comfortable with them hopping in with you

  57. We went the day they re-opened in June, then again in late July, and are going back in October. 1) Cant resist the super-cheap (and uncrowded) flights 2) As previous guests, we have gotten all of our rooms & meals comped (and free limos to & from the airport) 3) No problem finding chairs together at the pool! Other pros included taxis being cheaper than the usual Uber, and less people in general. We had no problem getting in & out of the various properties. We didnt encounter any locked doors. The Cosmo and Wynn buffets were open during our July visit and were very well operated. The only con is having to wear a mask and the plexiglass at the playing tables. Were up a few grand from our first 2 visits so cant wait to return! The ONLY thing I will avoid on my next trip is Freemont Street. I couldnt believe how busy it was. Those super-cheap flights? Yah, seems that a lot of those bargain hunters ended up staying downtown. It was a freak-show-swarm … no social distancing, no masks, super crowded… It reminded me of the bar scene in Star Wars. Will NOT be back downtown next time!

  58. I was so bummed when I had to cancel my Bucket List trip to Vegas in March – I look forward to hoping we can plan that trip again maybe this Fall. But for now, I think its a huge risk and when we do reschedule, we want to have the full experience and I think thats unfortunately months away. I really HOPE this is a trip I can take again but cant imagine going there anytime in the near feature. I also like buffets and think they are a great way to try all kinds of food and do hope they will be back. I would think they could do that easily if they do what they were doing on your last visit — where they have someone who puts the food onto your plate (so that multiple people are not touching the utensils). I currently am sitting on (5) flight credits from trips that had to be cancelled because of Covid.

  59. Was going in September from UK but Virgin cancelled our flight from Manchester. Going to wait till next year as don’t fancy wearing a mask in 105 * plus no shows. Not my idea of fun after an 11 hour flight 😫

  60. Hi folks! Ive discovered your Las Vegas videos and Im working through them. The M is one of my favorite casinos, but its 15 minutes south of the strip. Do you ever report on off-strip casinos? Can you offer any advice on the M? Thanks!

    1. Hi Gerry, thanks for watching our videos! We dont have any experience with surrounding casinos like M, Green Valley Ranch, or Red Rock. Were not opposed to staying at them, its just that we generally plan our trips to be around the strip.

  61. I see both sides. If you express concern about the virus, someone will attack you for being a “Karen” and tell you just to stay home and live in fear blah blah. If you say you’re gonna go cuz you need your release and live your life, someone will lecture you for being a fool and not care about your life and your health etc. Theres a big war over that via social networking right now. It’s crazy….

  62. Most people dont have the money to go even if the owners gave the rooms away for free, the hassle of screening and the inconveniences makes Vegas not a first choice to spend your time off plus way too hot !

  63. Hey guys, this video just came out on Vegas more unusual venue, the new Allegiant Stadium. Enjoy!

  64. Las Vegas demand is back and reopening went well. Everyone that loves Vegas is adapting to the new changes and enjoying themselves. With all the cleaning going on Vegas has never been so clean. The city might not be operating at 100% but its still a lot of fun after being locked down for so long. If you are traveling for the first time or from far away to experience Vegas I would wait until we fully open with the shows and nightclubs. We look forward to welcoming you back to Vegas when youre ready Tangerine Travels. Until then Vegas is back and ready for all of you to visit!!

  65. I’m going to Vegas on Father’s Day weekend for my birthday. I’m doing the Venetian and Wynn. Never been to Vegas before so it’s a bummer cause I won’t get the full vegas experience. Maybe if I’m lucky the Wynn will open their buffet. By then. If it’s that bad I’ll probably make it up to myself and go back in January when the weather won’t be as hot.

  66. They are using uvu lights for most of the sanitizing. Very few harsh chemicals because so many people have problems with chemical agents. Very few were wearing mask on freemont street last night.

  67. Oh yeah and the hash tag Corona rules in Vegas they have already abandoned like have of the new rules

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